Key Principles for Financial Breakthrough

God's Plan for Prosperity Spirit, Soul & Body

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Prosperity is a Bible-based truth that impacts every area of our life and it is vital that the Church body understand that fact. There are more verses in the Bible about prosperity than any other subject. Jesus spoke about money in half of His parables. Yes, God wants us to prosper in all that we do, and to do so we must follow his covenants. However, our nemesis, Satan, has other plans.

Your Next Step is Your First Step to Breakthrough!

"If you want to get to the next level of financial freedom, this book is loaded with truths that will quickly bring supernatural intervention into your life."

Manuel Romero

Keys to Financial Breakthrough Chapter List

  • Chapter 1: Sowing the Seeds of Doubt

  • Chapter 2: A New Career

  • Chapter 3: Storm Clouds on the Horizon

  • Chapter 4: A Life Changing Opportunity

  • Chapter 5: God’s Seeds Take Root

  • Chapter 6: Are You Ready?

About the Author: Phillip Trujillo

After a successful 30-year career in the insurance industry, Phil retired to answer God's call. In 2012, he established Phil Trujillo Ministries, aiming to restore individuals in spirit, soul, and body. Through one-on-one coaching and seminars rooted in God's truth, Phil ministers to the deep wounds of betrayal, rejection, shame, guilt, and loneliness. His life experiences and his pursuit of wholeness inspire him to guide others on their journey to healing and restoration.

Today, Phil Trujillo's ministry focuses on helping Christians discover biblical principles to overcome financial crisis, rebuild broken relationships, and achieve spiritual and physical well-being. He is also the recent author of “Key Principles for Financial Breakthrough”. With a passion for sharing the keys he has received from the Lord, Phil dedicates himself to helping others overcome their fears based on the solid foundation of God's Word.

Readers Love Key Principles to Financial Breakthrough

"From the opening chapter, Phil takes us on a journey of forgiveness, hope, and freedom in Christ Jesus. Enjoy the journey!"

Pastor Bob McClelland

"God has entrusted Phil with His sound Biblical Principles concerning prosperity and has ordained and empowered him to share those principles with His church."

Thomas A. Mitchell

"The fruits of Phillip’s journey have ultimately converted many who were dead and showed them a life that they could have never dreamed of."

Michael Romero

"Phil’s journey is a story of a young man struggling to survive and prosper in a competitive world and how the Lord changed his direction and his life. Without the trials and tribulations and learning along the way, Phil wouldn’t be where he is today."

Steve Barber

"His message is clear; the path we take is not against flesh and blood but against spirits and principalities. The insights contained in Phil’s journey are an encouragement for you as an individual or as a group desiring a

greater presence of God in your life."

Jim Cox

"The understanding and compassion that are a part of Phil’s heart have the ability to bring life back to the broken hearted and help them redeem their spirit. If you read it you will know the

meaning of the only power there is ... Love."

Dorothy Holland

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